Christmas Sleepover Essentials

by - November 08, 2018

Hello my Christmas lovers! Has the Christmas countdown started for you? It certainly has for me! One of my closest friends does Christmas early, and it is always my kick off to the season. Speaking of friends having little Christmas shindigs, I wanted to put together an essentials list for just such a thing: the Christmas Sleepover.

1. The host/ hostess gift: Now guys, this is fancy. You don't have to do this. I don't do this! But it would be nice if I did right? Ha! Seriously though, it does not have to be anything expensive or OTT, just a small thing, like a nice coffee, to say thank you for putting up with you for the night.

2. An alcoholic beverage, if you are so inclined: now this is more like it! Bailey's around the holidays, for me, is the epitome of Christmas. Click the bottle for a delicious looking recipe you could whip up for you and your friends.

3. PJs: Don't forgot the most important part of any sleepover! And make sure they are cute holiday pjs too. Over the top is never enough with Christmas pajamas. 

4. A cozy blanket: if you are susceptible to getting cold and think that the blankets at your besties won't cut it, go ahead and bring your own. Extra points if it's a fluffy Christmas one. Click the blanket for a pattern for this adorable one.

5. Christmas movies: what good is a sleepover if you aren't stuffing your face and watching all the holiday movies? This is the best part of the night, other than the eating and the drinking. Bring some of your favourites along, if you think your friend won't have them. But they will, because you only surround yourself with Christmas crazies like yourself (you should though, surround yourself with all kinds of folks, even ones who don't celebrate Christmas!)

6. Christmas treats: how cute are these? And they look super fun to make. If baking isn't your thing, store bought is just as good, and everyone will appreciate it. Even Susan who says she won't have any sugar, except you all know she will. Click the tree for the recipe for these delicious looking morsels.

7. Skin care: at the end of a long but amazing evening, it's essential to have your favourite skin care products with you, to wash away the day and begin your going to bed routine. There is no reason not to do this just because you are at someone else's house. Your skin will thank you for it, especially if you live somewhere extra cold and snowy, like I do.

8. Bonus essential: if you are extremely comfortable with your friend, offer to make these Christmas pudding pancakes for breakfast the next morning. Bring all the ingredients yourself, so they don't have to worry about it. Go home feeling amazing about yourself that you are such a good friend. Click a Smartie for the recipe!

Do you still do sleepovers, or even a night in with your friends over the holidays? I do! If you haven't in a long time, suggest it one year, you'll have a blast.

What are some of your essentials when spending a night or going on holidays over Christmas?

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