Vintage Christmas Ads

by - September 20, 2017

Ahh yes, the digital age. We no longer get excited for the arrival for the Sears catalog (when I was a kid that's what we did), and all the flyers that would arrive weeks before the holidays, showcasing the latest toys and gadgets. Now, we look things up, we research, or our friends have it and we want it (I'm sure kids get it these ways, and commercials maybe?). 

Anyway, I thought I would bring back some vintage (I mean REALLY vintage), ads that were put out into the world back in the day. Not my day though, I am not there yet. It is definitely interesting to see what people wanted back in the 50s and 60s, and how much times change. If you like these, maybe I can do a few posts with ads from the 70s, or even 80s (my heyday what what!!).

Let's get to it! *Click on pictures for links to where I found them

Can we get this one out of the way please?? If my man gave me a freaking vacuum cleaner (unless I asked for it), I would suck him up in it. I certainly wouldn't be happy about my NECESSITY gift, I would be grateful, sure. Happy and giddy, no. I despise vacuuming.  

I have no words. I mean, I do. I am sure that this was wholesome and normal in those days, but for real. These days, just no. And thank goodness for that!

This is another amazing one. Apparently NOBODY CARED ABOUT HEALTH AND SAFETY in the 50s. Ahhh yes, it must have been a hell of a time, I am sorry I missed it (I am being serious haha). 

Good lord Child. Another gun one. I can't even hold a gun, never mind own one and have one hanging around my house (props to you if you own one, we both know who is going to come out the winner during an apocalypse).

CHHHHHEEEEEEEKKKYYYY. You know what she is getting at in this ad for SHOE SHINE. It just goes to show you that sex has always brought in the big bucks. Even at Christmas...cheeky monkey, making us believe that the song 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' was written because of this ad. HA! I'm a slick chick, I know what's up.

I personally love the look of this ad. Pink Christmas is super vintage, along with aluminum trees! Back when everything came out of a can (cheese, anyone?) and housewives ruled the nation. The aluminum tree was just another way of making life shedding of needles. I also love all the cookware that is prominently displayed in the forefront of the ad. How amazing was it that a lot of women wore a dress like that and cooked a full dinner every night? Sigh, I am a slob (don't worry, I like it).

I mean...WHAATTT. "GUARD AGAINST THROAT SCRATCH". I am wide-eye-blinking right now. Also, Santa never smoked, psshhh. It's funny how times have changed! Even though this is not something we would ever see today. there is something comforting about it. Am I weird? Ya...I am.

What were your favourite ads from back in YOUR day? If you can find it, post it in the comments below! I would love to see them. For now, have a great evening my little evergreens!

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