A Very Vintage Christmas

by - December 20, 2016

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Hello again my aluminum trees! A few days ago someone posted a vintage Christmas photo and the colors instantly caught my eye (and my heartstrings, you know...nostalgia and all that). So I went on a search for more vintage Christmas living rooms, and I DIED. I mean, I realize that I was born in 1979 (December 22, it's coming up!) and therefore would have ZERO memory of 1960s Christmas decor, but I'm telling you, the 80s weren't that different decor-wise. At least not in my house they didn't seem different. Plus, everything is re-used year after year and passed down, so the decor never changed. 


And again with the orange and green. What has happened to me that I like these colors these days? Am I old? Yes, this is it. Say goodbye to my loved ones for me. We had ornaments like that, that were balls wrapped in silky strings. Guess who liked to pull at the string and destroy them? 😐

This is the photo that made my heart burst into a million pieces. THE TURQUOISE. THE TREE. I'm dead, its just too beautiful.

This is very Edward Scissorhands-esque to me. Honestly, all that floor space makes me super jealous. And that clock. The plastic wrapped lamp shade though...HA!

There's that blue again. And that aluminum tree...did you know that A Charlie Brown Christmas pretty much ended the aluminum tree trend? He used it as a symbol of the over-commercialization of Christmas. I didn't know that either, Wikipedia told me. Just goes to show you that the over-commercialization of Christmas complaint has been around for that long. 51 years to be exact. Of complaining about it. Just saying.

I love the fake fireplace and the old record player. Although it wasn't old to them was it? I could honestly sit here all day and think about this family and their story. Were they happy this Christmas? Were they a hard-working blue collar family? Did mom use cheese in a can? Haha! That was more 50s, but you get the idea.

I pretty much love everything about this room, except for the curtains. Everything can't be a winner from that era, right? That tree is the best though. I am turning into a lover of kitsch I guess. Is this good or bad? I'll get back to you.

OH THE PINK TREE! I LOVE this damn tree and I really don't want to. It's pink. But its so PRETTY! Sorry for the caps, but I need a pink tree in my life and I am apparently very angry about it. 

I love this room too. Add a brown or puke colored carpet and it would be any of my grandparents' houses. It just really brings me back to care-free days. And those two ceramic trees on the chest of drawers (umm....the dresser?), remind me of my mom like you wouldn't believe. She still brings it out every year, and it makes me happy. Hopefully she will pass it on to me many years from now! Plus the fact that these folks have two Christmas trees? Ballin'.

Now this looks more like the tree I grew up with. The wooden doll house in the corner does too. My dad built one for my sister and I was SO JEALOUS. But the overloaded tree, (its only missing 5 pounds of tinsel), the star on top, the mish mash of color...brings me back. The vinyl orange furniture just brings the room together doesn't it?

Do you remember Christmas as a child? What was your favorite thing from that time? Leave a comment and let me know! 5 more days until Christmas!

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  1. Katherine: Your Grandfather Collins was like the Grinch. When I was a child, we never had a Christmas Tree up on Christmas Eve. When I awoke on Christmas morning, the tree was up, nicely decorated with lots of presents. The arguments started on Boxing Day, when he wanted to take it all down. Your Grandmother loved Christmas and she so wanted to be around when you were born. You would have been the best Christmas present she ever received.

    1. Aww this made me want to cry! I'm sorry I never got to meet her. I think I would have loved her a lot <3