10 Holiday Road Trip Essentials

by - December 13, 2016

Hello there my little sleigh-ers! Get it??? Because you slay? Oh man, I think I have had too much coffee. Or the ridiculous amount of snow we got yesterday is making me giddy! Either way, hay hay hay my fabulous reindeer!

Anyway, on to the important things, road trip essentials for the holiday season! If you are anything like me, then the days leading up to, on, and after Christmas are FULL of driving here and there and almost everywhere. And when you are in the car that much, driving for long periods of time (my parents are 2 hours away and Dave's are an hour), you NEED THINGS. 

Like snacks for instance. And pretzels, any kind of pretzels, are a great one to bring along in the car. You could make these in any variation you prefer, and they are as easy as well...dipping pretzels in something.

Music- on long car rides, music is vital. How else are the hours going to pass quickly if you aren't singing in harmony with each other? I mean, we like Christmas music round here, but maybe not for hours and hours. So any old road trip playlist will do. 

Or if you are not feeling the tunes, you can always throw on an audio book for the journey. Maybe even a really good podcast if you are into those. You can even choose a Christmas story if you so wish. Or, if you don't celebrate that particular holiday, you can possibly find a story you just love to listen to. It's all about making the time pass in a fun way.

If you get really cold in the car, then a blanket is a must. Unless you are the driver of course, I'm pretty sure that could maybe be dangerous. Although there is probably some sneaky way it can be done without it deterring you from driving. Whatever, don't listen to me. Blankets for all passengers is allowed! Unless you have my car where it is either fiery depths of Hell hot, or bottom of the Arctic Sea freezing. There is no in-between.

Presents- don't forget all the presents you lovingly wrapped for your ungrateful family members! Haha! I'm just kidding. But for real don't forget them.

Now, coffee, tea, or even water (but mostly coffee) is a NECESSITY for any road trip. I mean unless you like driving off the road from being extra tired from all the festivities. Ha! I am kidding. This post has taken a weird turn.
Speaking of turns, if you are headed somewhere far, or somewhere you have never been before, a good GPS is key to getting you there. Plus it helps to see how much longer is left to go. At least I feel that way anyway, some people might find that to be torture.

Gas is another important thing to make sure you have plenty of before you head off to celebrate the season. They say they are two kinds of gas people out there: one who panics and fills up when the tank is only a quarter empty, and the other who thinks the gas gauge hovering on the red is more than enough to get them where they are going. I have the brain of the first, but the shallow pockets of the second. Sigh.

It's always helpful to have a little garbage can or bag in the car with you, to put all the snack wrappers, etc in, so that they don't end up in the back seat to be forgotten forever (although that would never happen in my car, I am too much of an anal person to allow it. The thought of a wrapper in the backseat would keep me up ALL NIGHT to the point where I would have to go out in the middle of the night to get rid of it). And now that you know what my brain looks like...want to be my friend?
Of course you should always have an emergency roadside kit in your trunk at all times. We have two. No not because I am a freak, but because I bought us one forgetting that my mom had just bought us one. So yeah. They are really handy to have if needed. Hopefully though, no one will need to use them this holiday season!

Are you all planning any road trips or long drives this holiday season? If so, maybe I will see you out there! If you cut me off though, you are dead meat. HA! Kidding, kidding. Maybe.

Goodnight my twinkly lights!

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