Be Merry and Bright

Hello my reindeer friends! I thought that it might be nice to put a face to this blog, and give you all a sense of what goes on in my life during the holidays, or as I like to call it: MOTHEREFFINGCHRISTMAS!!!!

This was the BEST holiday party I had been to, because it involved of course, amazing friends, and what seemed like a 10 story magical house that was drenched in Christmas. I felt like I had stepped back in time. Plus, the spread was dang good too!
One of my favorite things to do EVERY year is drag Dave (my love) to every store the week after Halloween because YOU KNOW that Christmas merch will be out and shining in everyone's face. I just happen to love it and have no problem that it is out so early. That is true happiness right there.
Of course, nothing beats the holidays at home. Video games, a space heater, demanding cats and a tree with lights (and a whole lot of Bailey's!) make for 2 months of coziness that can't be beat.
Even though our winters are mostly freezing here, it is still really nice to get out and do something festive. There are plenty of things to do in a city the size of Toronto. 

Being with best friends, drinking hanging out by the tree, most likely watching Home Alone. Now THAT is my idea of heaven.
Before we re-arranged our family room, we could fit a real tree in the house (we live in an apartment). But now that we don't have that space anymore, we have had to re-think things...
So we bought a fake baby tree. And honestly, for now, I think I love it more. It makes Christmas morning look like the old days because the presents spill out from under this little guy...making it look like we have a ton of stuff! Haha. Oh dear.
So now you know a little bit about me and what I do around the its your turn! Leave a comment below. There are only 100 days left until Christmas!