Christmas Scents to Fill Your Home

The holiday's are all about the lights, the colors, and even more so, the smells. Clove, cinnamon, gingerbread, cranberries....these are all scents that instantly bring back the happiness and nostalgia of Christmas time. Here are a few ways you can enjoy the wonderful aromas in your home during the holiday season, or even all year round!

Candles- This is my personal favorite way to make my house smell festive and wonderful. See my full post on Christmas candles here. Since I discovered this candle last year at Bath and Body Works, I have been OBSESSED. It is not cloying or too powerful, just the perfect amount of sweetness and mint. I loved it so much I bought the body wash and the fragrance mist too!

I have not had the pleasure of smelling this one myself but I have heard all the British You-tubers rave about it (love those Brits!).  I have a feeling though, that anything that smells like cinnamon, clove and orange most likely smells AMAZING and just like the holidays.

Scented Pine Cones- You can find these at Michael's all year round, and they add a nice outdoor touch, all the while smelling delicious. Cinnamon and trees...that's the best way I know to describe these. They are lovely! And you could decorate them with some spray glitter to make them even more festive. 

Of course, the Library of Fragrance would have the best Christmas smells. I mean they have EVERYTHING, including Play-doh and Pizza scents. But they also have a few holiday-themed scents too! You could use these for yourself, or spritz whatever room you are in for instant nostalgia.

A Christmas Tree! Only the best smell to permeate a home around the holidays. At least in my humble opinion. I love the smell of a fresh tree (even if I do feel bad that one has been cut down for my enjoyment). My apartment is too small to comfortably fit one, so we have a little fake guy that we put up every year. But nothing beats that smell.

If you are like me and can't have a real tree for whatever reason, another option is to just use the boughs of a pine or fir tree. You can use them to create wonderfully festive decorations, and your house will still smell like a beautiful woodland forest with little Christmas animals pottering about delivering each other presents (ha!).

I personally LOVE this idea, but I do not have a fireplace to make it come to life! First, please let me point out that the smell of wood burning on its own is one of my favorite smells in this life. But to add a little more Christmas sparkle to it all, buying holiday scents in essential oil form and adding a few drops to the wood is ANOTHER LEVEL OF AMAZING. Essential oils like clove and Christmas Spirit would definitely spruce up the aroma of your home around the holiday season. And, no harmful chemicals either, which is a bonus.

Baking- duh. It doesn't even matter what it is, the smell of vanilla ALWAYS makes me think of Christmas. 

For those who do not wish to breathe in harsh chemicals, making your own scent garland is another cool way to enjoy the festive perfumes of the season. Just take your favorites and string them up like garland. It's pretty much that simple!

And last but not least, the time honored and never-ceases-to-amaze-me smell of the merry simmering pot. Just add all the traditional scents of the season (whatever they may be for you), and turn the heat on the lowest setting it will go. Hours of happiness. One up yourself and make a mulled wine instead (because let's be real, drinking and Christmas).

There you have it! What were some of your favorites from the list? Would you try any of these yourself? Let me know xox


  1. I definitely have to pick up some of these scents, Christassy scents make me feel so safe and happy it's strange haha. You have such lovely content on your blog, keep up your wonderful work pretty gal! x

    1. Thank you so much! Definitely Christmas scents are cozy and make me happy. I checked out your blog and am following! Love it.


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