7 Ways to Get Excited for Christmas

I know that not everyone loves Christmas like I do, and that is ok! Everyone has their reasons, and people liking different things is what makes our wonderful world go 'round. But for those who WISHED they loved Christmas, here are 7 things you can try to get into the spirit of the holiday.

1. Plan Ahead- Now I am not talking about going cuckoo over all the minor details. That's no fun and only causes stress. The holidays should be about the magic of it all! I tend to start thinking about presents in June. I know! Seems crazy, but I promise you, making that list and buying something here and there way before the holidays is so much better than running around like crazy in December. Also, if you start to feel overwhelmed with doing and buying too much, its time to scale back. You don't HAVE to throw the dinners and gift extravagant presents, do what you are comfortable with, and forget all the unrealistic expectations of it all.

2. Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movies- Once December 1st rolls around, the Christmas movie marathon is on! You can check out my Top Ten Holiday Movies here, or check your local listings to see when your own favorites will be on. Make or buy your most loved holiday treat, get cozy under some blankets, and take the time to chill and relax...the holiday season can be bananas so take the time when you have it!
3. Buy an Advent calendar- Gone are the days of just chocolate advent calendars, now they have them in all kinds! See my personal favorite ones here. You can go 'traditional' and get the chocolate ones (nothing wrong with chocolate!), or you can treat yourself and get a really fun one. Who says you can't give yourself gifts during the holidays?!

4. Decorate- My absolute favorite to get into the holiday mood! I have been known to decorate at the end of November, I just can't contain my excitement. Every year I add to my collection of decorations...I had nothing when I started, but very slowly it gets more and more awesome! You can even find some cute, cheaper options at your local dollar store...it doesn't have to be expensive to become a part of your tradition.

5. Indulge in Your Favorite Holiday Treat- Whether that is a homemade gingerbread cookie, or even a well-deserved holiday drink from Starbucks, relaxing and munching on some of your favorite snacks around this time of year helps to create that lovely warm feeling that is bound to become a tradition every year.
6. Drive Around to View All the Pretty Lights- I do this every year! There is a house near my own that goes ALL out with the Christmas decorations. My SO and I fill a travel mug with beer/wine/whiskey and take a walk to see it during the first snow. Finding out what your own town or city has planned as far as tree lighting ceremonies, or Christmas in the Park, can add an element of fun to the season if you need a gentle push to get in the mood.
7. Do What You Want- My final piece of advice is to just do what makes you happy. If that means doing nothing, taking a cruise to get away from the craziness, or completely throwing yourself into the festivities, go for it! No one should feel bad about not loving it, or loving it too much. So, cancel Christmas if you want. Have Christmas in July if you feel like it. Who cares??!! Life is too short, enjoy what you like and don't let the man (Santa haha) get you down.