10 Fun Advent Calendars

Happy July my friends! Remember the days when a chocolate advent calendar counted down the days before a happy and festive Christmas day? You can still enjoy that fun and nostalgic daily treat (I do!), but now there are so many more options to choose from, and they are so awesome I can barely contain my excitement. I want them all! Here are 10 advent calendars that should top your list in 2016 (these are older versions of the calendars. The links will be bring you to the website but they may not still be available, although I am sure new ones will be out for 2016).

I have honestly never been so excited about an upcoming holiday season, and that is saying a lot, believe me! Which one do you like the best? My top three would have to be the beer, candles, and the Lush products.

For my Toronto friends, this is a helpful link for some more cool advent calendars that are easy to find around the city. Click here.

Happy days everyone!