10 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Who doesn't love a warm and toasty holiday sweater? And now with the surge of ugly Christmas sweater parties and competitions in the workplace (thanks hipsters!), there are so many ugly sweaters to choose from for your next holiday party! These are 10 of my favorite:
1. The Sweater Store seems to be the place to go for all your ugly Christmas sweater needs. Go ahead and browse their selection, it's pretty hilarious!

2.  TV Store Online also has this little gem, where the fire ACTUALLY LIGHTS UP. I am obsessed, and I might need to add this to my soon-to-be giant collection.

3. Of course Urban Outfitters would have the BEST ugly Christmas sweater in my humble opinion. Since I am consumed with love for Home Alone, this one would be at the top of my pile at all times.

4. For something a little more girly and sparkly, this adorable Christmas tree sweater is pretty awesome. I bet it wouldn't be that hard to make either.

Tipsy Elves-$64.95
5. Ok, ok...this one is pretty dorky but I love it! Cats and Christmas? Yes! I can't stand it.

6. Another one from Tipsy Elves...Santa peeing 'Merry Christmas'. Ha! I mean, Santa's gotta pee sometime right?

Tipsy Elves-$64.95
7 and 8- The next two just make me laugh, especially the Mean Girls one. 

9. And for those who want to the put the Christ back into Christmas, this one is for you:

Tipsy Elves-$64.95
10. And finally #10, the controversy of Target, this OCD Christmas sweater that made a lot of people mad. Not that I want to make people mad, but I really am Christmas obsessed.


What is your favorite ugly Christmas sweater that you own? And would you ever wear one of these bad boys?
Would you ever wear an ugly holiday sweater?

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