Top 10 Christmas Movies

Hello there angels! In the spirit of kicking off the festivities for the Christmas season, I tend to start watching holiday movies in November (let's be real I watch them in July too). So I thought it would be merry to put together a list of my top ten favorite holiday movies, in no particular order.

1. Home Alone-this one actually is my favorite holiday movie. It has become the traditional kick off to the holidays in my house. It helps that my best friend loves this movie as well, so when we put up his tree, buy or make a few treats and throw this on, Christmas has officially begun.

2. The Holiday-Despite my lack of love for Cameron Diaz (I'm sorry!), I love this movie so much. It is a rom-com, but I can get over this because half the movie takes place in a quaint little English village. With the most adorable little Christmas cottage ever. Seriously I shed a tear every time I see this cottage.

3. A Christmas Kiss- I stumbled on this one by accident while scouring Netflix for something Christmas-y last summer, and I fell in love with it. They get those holiday visuals down pat, no joke. This movie is filled with so much nostalgia, it is for sure to give even the hardest heart a joyful kick start. Although it is another love story, it is a good Christmas film with all the right elements to make this one a classic in my collection.

4. Harry Potter Series- Any Harry Potter movie does it for me. This pretty much requires no explanation if you have seen the movies, but if you haven't, go watch them! Not just for the awesome Christmas scenes, but because it's Harry Potter.

5. A Christmas Carol- the Jim Carey version (although I pretty much love all versions). This computer animated motion capture was just so well done, and the visuals are stunning. A real Christmas classic, this story has clearly stood the test of time and has remained one of the best holiday movies, whatever version it may be!

6. Love, Actually-Oh no, another rom-com. I see that I don't mind them as much as I thought. But come on this one is so good, and features a young Andrew Lincoln in all his British-accented glory! Not only that though, it is a great holiday movie to add to your collection.

7. Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer- This list would not be complete without Rudolph! I remember waiting in anticipation for the T.V Guide to print the date and time that this would be on t.v. It was the most exciting time! I could even stay up a bit late to watch it. Oh to be a child again. Wait! This can do it for you! A classic.

8. Pluto's Christmas Tree- Another classic that I would wait all year to watch on t.v. I loved the visuals in this cartoon, and the way they made the tree sparkle and shine. Plus, hello it would be my dream to live inside a Christmas tree! Oh man, someone do that, build a life-size Christmas tree house and I will live in it.

9. A Nightmare Before Christmas- Halloween and Christmas combined! My two favorites. If you are into a bit more of a weird Christmas story, than this one is for you. Tim Burton is a genius though. 

10. Scrooged- Bill Murray and Christmas.'s like heaven.

Help me add to my collection! What are some of your favorites?